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Free Hosting For Blogs/Forums ("hot-linking" is allowed):

  • (popular) Free web hosting for images with direct linking allowed (hotlinking). It can be used to share pictures with friends, post images on message boards.
  • Free web hosting for signature images (sigs) and avatars only (image hotlinking allowed). No registration is required.
  • (no sign up) Offers free file hosting for several image, audio, video, and document file types, with hotlinking allowed. Direct linking allowed for blogs, forums, auctions, etc.
  • Flickr (popular)
  • Image
  • Provides free image web hosting for your pictures and photos - hotlinking is allowed.
  • My File Shack .com" is a free image host provider powered by CeleronDude.With free registration, you get 100MB of file storage where you can upload all your images.
  • Image Barrel will host your images and allow you to hotlink from anywhere - emails auctions, blogs, forums, and other websites.
  • The File Bucket" is a source for free file storage and image hosting, providing 100MB of file storage space where you can upload all your images.
  • "Upload Next .com" provides free image, photo, animation, and video hosting service. No registration is needed to upload your photos and videos. Hotlinking / direct linking images from their server is allowed, for use on auction sites, blogs, forums, etc.
  • Direct linking (hotlinking) is allowed for any website, such as message boards and auctions. "IMG Satellite" provides free web hosting for uploaded image files - upload as many images as you like. Allows images up to 1024kb in size, and the valid file types are JPG, PNG, GIF, BMP and TIFF. Their free hosting service is hosted on a dedicated linux server
  • Free hosting for images, with hot linking allowed and no bandwidth limitations.
  • - Seems to let you upload without any signup or registration process.
  • "Picture Rack" gives free free image hosting with direct linking (hotlinking) allowed and no registration required, for use on message boards, online auctions, and other web sites.
  • - "Image Web .Info" provides free image hosting for your pictures, graphics, Adobe Acrobat and Macromedia Flash files, or other images - no registration required
  • "Image Cave" provides free image hosting, with image manipulation tools such as image resizing, conversion, rotate, compression, thumbnail and photo album generation. Direct linking and remote loading are allowed, so you can directly link any of your photos
  • Image Host.Darker
  • Search for more free image hosting HERE or HERE.

Image & Sign Generators (make some images to use above):

Photo Tricks (fun mash-ups - add effects, frames, props, novelty things)
500 Sign Generators (church signs, biz signs, road signs, etc)
Smiley Face Generator
Logo Maker (thousands of possibilities)
Digital Scrapbooking Online (upload photos, choose template, add WordArt)
Fake Magazine Cover Maker (loads of fun, your face on covers, UR famous)
Uncle Sam wants your to make a picture!
750+ Comic Strip Generators - Make comic strips (send as ecards) to make personalized cartoons or fridge magnets.
Dictionary let's you make up your own meanings of life...
Einstein where Einstein is theoretically writing for you...
Ha! Ha! The HAHA guy!
Dumbledore Harry Potter character
Danger Sign Generators - Make some safety signs to print
Famous Defaces - personalized comic/cartoon styled cells of 500+ famous celebrities and well known faces
Ultimate Banner Generator - 0ver 750 image designs or 40,000 gradients to choose from
Custom Sign Generators (popular) -
Over 1,000 Image Generators! Cola Coca Cola Sign, McDonald's sign, Dunkin Donuts, Wendy's burger, Uncle Sam wants you, Microsoft $1,000,000.00 check, Fortune Cookie, Wall Graffiti Generator, I Love You Image Generator, Naked woman, Nearly naked guy... To anonymously e-mail gag or take screen captures to download.
Warning Label Maker - make some safety stickers (to print)
Video Gamer's Death Scene Image Generator
Barcode Image Generator - Bokai
Glitter Text Maker
FlicrToys - make a Poster, Magazine cover, a Flicr Badge with a Flicr Photo or a framed photo
Neat Filters & Effects - apply many neat affects to your web based (uploaded URLs) pictures!
Gradient Image Maker - custom gradients,for backgrounds or decoration
Maze Generator
Pie Chart Generator - yellowpipe
Polaroid-o-nizer rotates and add shadows to an uploaded an image, as if it was an Polaroid.
Ecard/Sign Generator - send these creations as anonymous ecards to friends as gags
Smiley Generator - many generators and resource. This is one of the only tool that does not requier login.
Test Fractal Generator N -
Transparent PNG Generator - click on the color wheel, choose transparency level, then download the 50x50 png.
Virtual Vomit - make you own vomit?...
Smilies Generator - Wen Pigs Fly
250 Online Generators Link Collection - tonnes of links
ACME Label Maker -
ATB Cards -
Creats card with your message intergrated in the image. Like a New Paper, Scrabble board, billboard...
Bar-B-Q Sign Generator - Hoofdkantoor
Add comic captions to your photos
Cool Text -
Logo Generator, 26 styles.
Dynamic Einstein picture -
Make Einstein write what you want.
Convert Image to CSS NC - elliottback
to CSS, HTML, or xHTML
Error Message Generator - Hoofdkantoor
Windows style error message with choice of icons.
Fancy Letter Generator
Animated buddy letters
Google Logo Maker
A Graphics Text Generator
Heart Generator
Your text on heart shaped candy.
converts text to an image, like to hide emails.
IBM Typewriter Generator -
Type in your message for this Typewriter Generator
e-cards with your text intergrated. Has a nice Belin wall you can write on.(Prints are not free, better take screenshots.)
Keyboard Message Generator
Makes a keyboard picture of your message.
Typogenerator F
Makes Art out of text.
Logotype generator - CoolArchive
Simple logo generator
Create you logo
Neon Sign Generator
Office Building Sign Generator - Hoofdkantoor
Pack Place Sign Generator - Hoofdkantoor
Ransom Note Generator
Generates your text like if each letter was cutout from newspaper.
Ribbon-O-Matic N -
Shadow Text
CSS code for text with shadow
Spell with flicr
Spell your word with images found on flicr.
Text Image = Image
Makes absract art out of letters, for backgrounds or decoration.
The Movie-Plot-o-Matic
Creats an article with the name you put in.
Text Image C
Converts text into an image, with option for font, rendering and color, can also be use as Email image.
Wanted Poster Generator -
Web of Letters
Spell your word with images found on the web, uses the Yahoo API.
Which Office Moron Are You Generator
Write a message in the snow, and send that picture.
Image Generator Links more links

Other web tools HERE.