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Customize the text message on hundreds of pre-designed clip arts.

Make banners, buttons, cartoons, ecards, safety signs, logos, warning labels, etc! No software to install, all done through free web based applications!

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Comic Strip Generator - Create funny comic strips online without the need of software installed. Great way to mask your email or hide text from e-mail harvesting spam bots and search engines. Create one cartoon cel at a time online (no software needed, any operating system)! Let's you make over 40,000 styles of banners (over 1,000 image banner blanks)! Make them online VIA web based image editing applications that run off a website (no software install required). Need to advertise your site or offer a banner for people to link to your site? Well here is the perfect banner maker that lets you choose from a selection of over 25,000 images (almost a 1,000 professional designs of graphics) and backgrounds to use! Just choose a banner, then you can add 2 lines of text right into the image for free downloading! Choose from hundreds more dynamic text-to-image making fun (make banners, ecards, buttons, signs, posters, etc). Make you own custom celeb gossip caption images (change captions in the speech/thought bubble). Links and samples of other dynamic text-to-image generators we have stumbled upon during our web surfing experiences.
the comedy search engine & portal for humor related websites. From streaming prank radio to jokes about anyone and everyone! Covering crisises from natural disasters (earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, tsunamis, etc) to terrorism (man made disaster and even war mongering). Learn about the emergency supplies you need to get, and learn more about how to prepare and make you, your family, and your neighborhood safer in the event of state emergency or disaster. Many emergency supplies, and supplies for whole neighborhoods, businesses and community agencies should be available for buying and ordering at public shopping outlets like HomeDepot (generators to storm proofing materials, even make your own safe room). Please as for or suggest demonstrations and hands-on exhibits that will give you an opportunity to familiarize yourself with emergency equipment and techniques. Homelessness humanitarian search engine and poverty helping portal! I have been homeless many times in the past so I wanted to help some how...

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Comedy links on our comedy search engine!
Comedy links on our humor search engine!
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These images are not actually dynamic generated images. This ASP script breaks words up into individual letters and then displays the related alphabet letter clipart image for each single letter. If you plan on using these images on your site, please host the images on your own site (we can hardly afford our own bandwidth needs).

Why was this script made? A friend asked if we could use a font that he custom created and we said "Yes". Unfortunately once we were sent the "font", we relaized it was a alphabet clipart set (including numbers) and not actuall a TTF computer font. We still wanted to have our friend see some results as he took a long time to make all the letters so here you see our alternative to dynamic image generating.

How did we break words into single letters? With a few migraines and some cursing over a numerous tries, we finally figured out how to split a string without relying on certian slplitting keys (we couldn't just tell the server to split a word at a space as a single word does not have any spaces or characters other than 26 letter or 10 numbers).

Here's the ASP code to split a word into letters: