All the samples below are less than 20KB in size! Text and images are sharp and strong! Notice how we do not use JPEG image technology (we use the free PNG image format) as JPEG compression would make solid colors (like reds, blues, purples) blotchy and multiple pixelized color schemes. To make the below PNG images the same looking quality as a JPEG image instead, the images would be 40-120KB in size (one JPG picture could be larger than all the PNG pictures combined on this page)!

This is a sample of custom title where you can customize the background color and the text/words.

More designs coming soon:

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA 1910.145) requires the use of safety signs to indicate and define specific hazards that, without identification, may lead to accidental injury to workers and/or the public or to property damage.
The ANSI Z535 Committee on Safety Signs developed a set of standards for the design, application and use of signs, colors, and symbols intended to identify and warn against specific hazards and for other accident prevention purposes. The recommended format is intended to provide a safety alert message that is clearly and rapidly understood. Lettering is left justified, as well as upper and lower case to enhance legibility, and internationally recognized pictograms are used for universal comprehension.

As our workforce becomes more global and diverse, visual forms of communication are relying more and more on the use of symbols and pictograms to warn about hazardous conditions. By using internationally recognized pictograms, Alert signs help you promote greater and more rapid communication of safety messages. (Alert signs do not comply with the ANSI Z535 standard).