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If you wish to have a paragraph of text converted to PNG, click HERE! Visit our Logo Maker.
1st) Enter some text:   

2nd) Text color: Shadow:

3rd) Choose background color:

4th) Choose font (preview):

5th) Push button:

6th) Download the generated image (will see below once made).

Sample #1

sample 3

sample 4
sample 5

sample 6

sample 2

Enter some text in the form above (follow the 6 simple steps) and hit the 'Convert Text2image' button, this will create your text to be converted to a PNG image file which you can then download and use on your web site/blog. Now when you post this image on your online areas, only human eyes can read the text (great way to protect email addresses) and you do not need to worry about search engines or email harvesting robots grabbing and sharing your personal text or phrase. Also a good way to make small tasteless jokes/words/phrases not get spidered by SEs (search engines).

This page does not create any fancy images (6 samples above, even the green lettered 'SAMPLES' title was made with this online web-based image creating application), just colored text and basic colored background for your image, just a simple text2banner maker. If you wish to use fancier images, check out www.CustomSignGenerator.com where you will find hundreds of fun image and sign generators that you can download or send as free ecards!

Search engines cannot read text once it's converted to the PNG picture file type! Automatic spam harvestor robots that collect all sorts of email address (they seek the mailto: tag from the HREF HTML coding) to be databased and later mass emailed (this will help protect you from getting on these massive spam lists). Some people have private websites that they do not wish to get listed in search engines (perhaps a friend or family site only), but if you post your HTML link on a forum, a search engine (like Google, Yahoo, AOL, SirSeek, etc) can grab this link to add to their search engine, but by making your URL hidden into a picture, you do not have to worry that your site will be "Googled"!

Great for creating some title bars for you website. Make some simple banners (maybe not quite 468X60 pixels, but that's okay).

You can find free image hosting (no signups) sites on www.signgenerator.org/links.htm where you can upload your created images and have them hosted (hot linking enabled) for free (in case you do not already have your own web space).

*TIP* If you do not want the "shadow" effect, then make the 3D color the same as you image background color!

*TIP* Free places to host your downloaded PNG graphic files can be found HERE.

Online Image Creators

Comic Strip Generator - Create funny comic strips online without the need of software installed. Great way to mask your email or hide text from e-mail harvesting spam bots and search engines. Create one cartoon cel at a time online (no software needed, any operating system)! Let's you make over 40,000 styles of banners (over 1,000 image banner blanks)! Make them online VIA web based image editing applications that run off a website (no software install required). Need to advertise your site or offer a banner for people to link to your site? Well here is the perfect banner maker that lets you choose from a selection of over 25,000 images (almost a 1,000 professional designs of graphics) and backgrounds to use! Just choose a banner, then you can add 2 lines of text right into the image for free downloading! Choose from hundreds more dynamic text-to-image making fun (make banners, ecards, buttons, signs, posters, etc). Make you own custom celeb gossip caption images (change captions in the speech/thought bubble). Links and samples of other dynamic text-to-image generators we have stumbled upon during our web surfing experiences.
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